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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Deal Me In Short Stories - Reading Challenge

This year too I am tempted to join a number of reading challenges. But I have restricted myself in joining only those that I will able to complete.

This challenge - Deal me in short stories @ Bibliophilopolis is by far the easiest challenges I came across this time.


The rule is very simple - Assign a short story to every card in the deck and each week draw a random card and read the story assigned to it!

This is my list.Except for a couple of authors, everyone else is new to me.

A♠ Amnipur – A science Fiction short story – Isabella Amaris
2♠ End game – Jeffery archer
3♠ Christina Rosenthal – Jeffery Archer
4♠No room at the inn – Jeffery archer
5♠One man's meat – Jeffery archer
6♠ Clean face ignatius – Jeffery Archer
7♠ Cheap at half price – Jeffery Archer
8♠ The grass is always greener – Jeffery Archer
9♠ In the eye of the beholder –Jeffery Archer
10♠A wasted Hour - Jeffery Archer
J♠The man who robbed his own office- Jeffery Archer
Q♠A mothers day – kaira Rouda
K♠ The wife- F.Poi


A♦The Text – Claire Douglas
2♦ The tumor - John Grisham
3♦ 1000 yards- Mark Dawson
4♦ The hound of Baskervilles – Sherlock Holmes
5♦ Lightning Strikes Twice – Matthew Felix
6♦ A perfect day for rain – Jala Summers
7♦ Finding Viola – Bo Burnette
8♦ A home in the west – Lori Copeland , Virginia Smith
9♦ The gift of the Mag I – O. Henry
10♦ Kalpana – the daughter of our country – Raibul Islam
J♦ Saffron - https://www.guernicamag.com/saffron/  Mirza waheed 
Q♦ Six geese a- laying – Sophie Kinsella
K♦ Christmas in Venice – Meadow Taylor


A♣ Never too late – J.C. Laird
2♣ Overshadowed– Vanetta Chapman
3♣ Her last missed calls – A.K. Raj
4♣ Lucent Sylph – RJ Conte
5♣ A moment in time – Lyn Andrews.
6♣ The long Vigil – Rhett C Bruno
7♣ Rikki Tikki Tavi – Rudyard Kipling
8♣ The Apple Orchard – Veronica Henry
9♣ Three men and a maybe – Katey Lovell
10♣ Buy a bullet – Greg Hurwitz
J♣The little boy- Mare Gaitskill 
Q♣ Home to pebble creek - Vanetta Chapman
K♣ Conductor of light – Rachel Mcmillan 


A♥ Those were the days – Jenny Bravo
2♥ Promising a rose – Jerry S Eicher
3♥ Love at first bark – Dana Mentnik
4♥ The shrine – Ben kane
5♥ The day death smiled – Debashish Chakraborthy
6♥ Murder from newsdesk – Peter Bartram
7♥ Dear Obamaji - Sharon Abimbola Salu
8♥ Inspector Zhang gets his wish – Stephen Leather
9♥ A hero’s promise – Roseanna M. White
10♥ She’s mine – Madison Barlow 
J♥ Dear Monenike – Sharon Abimbola Salu
Q♥ The golden cage – Kaitlyn Davis 
K♥ The parable of Dumbass – Antonio Scottio Di Carlo


The rose and the Brier – Kelly Peterson 
One night is all you need - Kimberly G. Giarratano

So, I will start reading and posting short reviews on these books as and when I finish them each week. 

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