"Book collecting is an obsession, an occupation, a disease, an addiction, a fascination, an absurdity, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it must do it. ~ Novelist Jeanette Winterson

Friday, May 29, 2015

Where to find Free E-books and Deals on Books - Resources

We all love to buy / collect books and read them at any given chances. At times this awesome habit does pinch the purse!!But that does not mean we have to put an end to our favorite hobby,right!

I have been looking up for sites that let's you read / download ebooks for free and I wanted to share them here so that anyone with a habit of buying/ reading books will benefit from it.

Also let me know any other sites with similar offers and I will update this post with the links...

Here are a few sites that let's us download books on various genres and also offers books on deals...

  1. BookBub - All genres
  2. Encore Book Club - Free Cook books
  3. Goodreads - All genres
  4. ..

Happy Reading....

Monday, May 25, 2015


I am a huge fan of Danielle Steel's Novels. And this year when I drew up a list of books to read for the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge, I made sure to include 4 books from my favorite author. Here is the first in the list...

This is yet another women centered book,meaning its about Madeleine Hunter and her journey through her life,the hurdles she faces and how she overcomes it all.

The story goes like this....

Madeleine is rescued from an abusive husband by Jack Hunter and he transforms her into an award winning anchor woman for his his network.Madeleine or Maddy as she is fondly known, marries Jack Hunter and their life becomes an envy for everyone!

Maddy's life revolves around Jack, the network, expensive gifts, elaborate parties, exotic tours etc.But deep within she feel deprived of kids.Jack had expressed his wish to never had kids and Maddy gladly accepted it back then.

Meanwhile,Jack's ego hurts Maddy both mentally and physically.She realizes that when she attends a meet for women who have undergone abuse. She open ups to Bill and he becomes her confidant.

Jack becomes even more abusive and in turn Maddy get's emotional relief by talking about her life to Bill.

Meanwhile, a girl comes looking for her claiming to be her daughter. Maddy finds out that the girl- Elizabeth / Lizze is indeed her daughter whom she gave up for adoption when she was a teenager.

Jack is furious when he learns about Lizze and abuses her even more. But Maddy is determined to make up for the lost years with her daughter.

Finally, Maddy decides to leave Jack but before she can actually face the situation, she is caught in building bombing and is almost buried alive.Bill is very worried but Jack is more worried that she is not around to do a report for the network. Both are not aware of Maddy's condition.

Maddy is rescued and Jack visits her in the hospital and emotionally abuses her. She finally tells him that she is leaving him and Jack vows to destroy her and also her career so that she will realize that Maddy can never live without Jack.

He replaces the locks in their house, disposes off her cloths and everything that belonged to her and also makes a press statement that she had a mental breakdown.The last one was to ensure that she never has a career after that!

But Bill helps her through all these crisis and there is a press release that Jack had falsely accused her since she split from him.Offers come pouring in and life seems to be returning to normal. She and Bill want to get together and they look forward to a peaceful life.

She also adopts a baby that was rescued from the building where she was stuck in the rubble and Lizze joins her mom...

This book has a very touching story. The emotions of Maddy are portrayed in a very realistic manner.Also the ways in which one can recognize and overcome spousal abuse is something worth knowing. If not for self, it can be used to help others...

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Monday, May 4, 2015

From Where I See

I have posted this review on my other blog. Reposting it here for the REading challenge...

From Where I See ,a novel by Ajay Yadav is quite a different one from those that I have been reading these days.

It is basically a murder mystery story which is narrated through the voice of Dr. Ajay, the author's namesake.The book starts with Dr. Ajay being questioned at the police station,in typical police style, with regard to the death of Sruthi a.k.a. Nagma. What follows this and up to almost the end of the book is a sort of flashback! And the last four chapters spell out the climax.

So at the beginning when Dr. Ajay is being interrogated,it looks like he is a suspect in the murder case. Then he is asked to wait in the station till Inspector Om Prakash returns to the station after attending to another case. That is when he recollects his childhood times in the village along with his best buddies - Sruthi and Kaniyah.

Sruthi is a sort of a bold girl who is  happy and rebellious to try out new tricks ,play hockey with the village boys, hit the Village chieftain's son with a stone coz he teased her.And also a very religious one who never fails to pray or visit the temple everyday...Kaniyah is the person who usually get's caught because of Sruthi's antics!

They grow up and go their separate ways due to family situations and lose touch with each other. Then Dr.Ajay meets Sruthi, becomes friends again and also Sruthi meets Kaniyah in a party hosted by Ajay and his wife...A lot of things happen in between and then Sruthi dies.

This is the story... But, it is not as simple as I have spelt it here..

In between ,in the flashback sessions, the author has expressed his ideas and thoughts about everything from religion,corruption and bribery, history of Indian Freedom struggle, world wars,reasons for extra marital affairs, role of man and women through the ages and a lot more!

After discussions of all these subjects is where he brings into light a lot of things that were not known , and then in the end the murder/suicide mystery is solved.

What I liked about the book:

The author has taken a bold move in  discussing some controversial topics and I like the way he has justified his points.In this process he has answered a lot of questions that the people in the society are facing or want to ask but can't find the answer.

There are several lines in the book written in italics that are a sort of message to the community.. Here are a few that impressed me.

'Actually we have failed terribly in utilizing our education to incorporate logical thinking in us;we consider education as only a medium for bread earning'
'There is no doubt that they[social media] have brought the distant ones closer but at the same time they have distanced the closer ones' - How true!!!!
Why we have to bargain with everything in life;why can't we honestly get what we deserve and honestly give others what they deserve.

These are just a few examples of the statements present in the book.

 I liked this book because it is something different and deals with the issues of the society and also argues and explains the cause and action for the dysfunction / disharmony in the society.

The only thing that I can say that I was not so fond of is the long, long narrations on various topics that seem to take place as a  discussion / conversation between friends / in a convention. But looking it from the author's point of view, that is actually the place where is expresses his thoughts that were intended for this book. So I think the long narrations/ discussions is justified.

It is one of the books that we can read over and over again for the many logical explanations and the messages/ statements in italics [which I really liked]

As the book says - It's not only a book;it's the path to a revolution,it's a journey towards a Utopian world. And it does take an open mind to have the courage to accept the truth. And I also agree with the forward written by Prof.Harish Narang- ...a very interesting read with a serious message.

And about the death of Sruthi, it is for you to read the book and find out if it was a suicide or a murder. I am definitely not breaking the suspense here :)

About the author....

Dr. Ajay Yadav is a consultant anesthetist, intensivist and pain specialist. His textbook of anesthesia is the most sold textbook for medical undergraduates in India, Southeast Asia and Africa. He is a rational, logical and analytical thinker and is fond of reading, traveling and long distance running. It had always been his dream to write a book which can unfurl the other side of curtain.