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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 3: KURUKSHETRA

Earlier this month I had signed up for 52 books in 52 weeks reading challenge. In the introductory post, I mentioned that I will be posting reviews categorically.

The category that I have chosen for January is Mythology....

I have a soft spot for Mythology. It is interesting and fascinating at the same time! So when The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 3: Kurukshetra came along for review @ Blogadda, I signed up for it without hesitation.

This book is the third in the series - The Aryavarta Chronicles by author - Krishna Udaysankar.


 I must admit that I have not read the previous books in this series but I was sure it wouldn't matter that much.It is the well known story - Mahabaratha and the author did not leave the reader in mid air. The Dynasties of the Aryavarta and the cast of characters is clearly mentioned in first few pages.

The Author's note starts with  a gathering of scholars in circa second millenium BCE where this story / epic was narrated to the gathering by Sanunuka Kulapati as ithihasa / history.It was narrated under the assumption on what would have happened if all the characters walked the earth as we know it today.

And in the same authors note is also a  statement - The Aryavarta Chronicles are neither reinterpretation nor retelling. These stories are a construction of reality based on a completely different set of assumptions.The author has told the story in a contextualized and rationalized manner.

As the title suggests the story is all about the 18 days long epic war. It occupies the center stage obviously.The peace proposal brought forth by Govinda is rejected by Duryodhan who is called Suyoddan in this story.The lengthy war ensues as the peace talks fail and the brothers fight against their own family who are on the opposite side.

Read the rest of the review here...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

52 Books in 52 Weeks- Reading Challenge 2015

The New Year is here and once again I am signing up for the 52 Books in 52 Weeks- Reading Challenge 2015.More details here. This challenge has many mini challenges as well .

Unlike last year, this year I am  diving in with a plan!I seem to be more efficient when there is a clear plan on what I need to do or what has to be done.So I have decided to do a theme a month.[Please note that this is the theme that I intent to follow and not the rule for the reading challenge].


I have the names of the books written beside the theme for which the reviews are posted in this blog. To read the reviews click on the genres in the header....
  1. Classics
  2. Indian writers  - The Mug of Melancholy, Gulabi,From Where I See
  3. Collection of short stories
  4. Historical fiction
  5. Foodie read - Books with a culinary touch , not cook books
  6. Books that were turned into a movie
  7. Mega Books[More than 500 pages in length]
  8. Philosophy / Religion / Mythology - Kurukshetra , Ramayana
  9. Humor
  10. Robin Cook's books
  11. Danielle Steele's books- Journey,Daddy
  12. Jeffery Archer's books
So this is the plan.I may or may not follow this order though!

I have even written down the books that I am going to read for each category.But since it would spoil the fun , I am keeping that list to myself. Join me in traveling through the world of books along with all the other book lovers out there....

Happy browsing....