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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Hunt For Kohinoor

Kohinoor - A famed precious gem

A Mythological tale claims that it was worn by Lord Krishna and it was stole from Him when He was asleep.
Another story claims that it was found in a river bed in 3200 B.C
The first reliable evidence is from Barber, The Mughal Emperor, who named it as a part of the treasure won bu Alauddin in the 14th century.
The Mughal acquired it in the year 1526.

Right from the start this gem was claimed and hunted by India, US,Afghanistan and Taliban.

Now in the present times, the same countries are on the look out for the Kohinoor but this time, its not the gem that they are after, but it is a set of critical documents that decides the fate of the country and its people....

This is the outline of Manreet Sodhi Someshwar's second book - The Hunt For Kohinoor . This book is the second of the Thriller series featuring Mehrunisa Khosa.

A very thrilling book and I loved it. Read the review here..

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Rage Of Angels

This is one the books that I love to re-read. In fact most of my books fall into this category. This story is about a woman's life which is shadowed by two most powerful men and she is attached to both of them for various reasons.

Jennifer Parker is a young and beautiful woman who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time thus ending her career as an attorney in a very shot period of just a few hours!!

Because of her tryst with the Mafia of which she had nothing to do, she meets the handsome attorney Adam Warner who has been sent to investigate her ties / relationships with the mafia due to which a highly sensitive case had to be closed.Adam sees her living condition and her behavior and concludes that she was in no way involved. All charges are dropped against Jennifer but no one is willing to hire her because of the sensation the case had created.

She struggles to live and ends up in an office with two men - Ken Bailey and Otto Wenzel. These two men help her build back her career and she finds her footing by helping the destitute.

Micheal Moretti,a Mafia man and the one who changed her fate offers her a job once too often and each time Jennifer remembers with anger at what he has done to her life.

Jennifer gains everyone attention by wining a grand case for Abraham Wilson and now everyone wants to hire her. But she is unwilling to walk away from the two friends who have helped her earlier.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Adam fall in love and meet secretly over lunches and spend time together, He even rents a luxurious apartment for her.

She becomes very famous and Both she and Adam are very pleased. Meanwhile Adam run for the Senator and is very busy. Jennifer finds that she is pregnant and is eager to tell Adam.When they meet Adam tells her that his wife is pregnant and he will not be able to leave her now that he is running for the post of a Senator.

Jennifer never mentions her conditions and withdraws fully from his life. She leaves the office and the outside world to live in seclusion till she has her baby which is born as a splitting image of father. The only connection between the outside world and the world in which Jennifer lives is Ken Bailey who has a secret admiration for her.

Jennifer comes back to work and picks up her life from there.Her son grows up and each and every action of his reminds her of Adam.

Once Joshua, her son, is kidnapped and she is not sure whom to turn to. Adam does not even know that Joshua is his child and she has never spoken to him after the cut-off. So she ah no other go but to call Micheal and ask for his help. Micheal helps her find Joshua through his connections and she inadvertently falls into his traps.

Slowly he sends her some cases and then gets her into the Mafia's business as well. Soon she is representing the Mafia in all the major cases and this does not look good for her earlier clients and friends. All of them withdraw from her including Ken Bailey!

Once she meets Adam during a conference in Acapulco where she asks Joshua and his nanny to join her on the trip. Adam and Jennifer get together once more and they are noticed by Micheal's men who promptly report this to him as Adam is a threat to their gang.

Joshua has a minor skiing accident which takes his life and Jennifer dies within.It takes a while for her to regain herself and when she does, all she knows is that she is fighting for cases for the Mafia Against Robert de Silva , the attorney who felt she should never practice law because of the outrage she created when she joined his form as a trainee.

Micheal learns that Adam was her boy friend and sets out to destroy her. He isolates her in Singapore where she has gone to bail out one of his men and from there she is brought back to Micheal. On the way the driver mentions that Adam is about to be assassinated and she passes on this information to de Silva through the phone while she gets out of the drivers sight under the pretext of buying some medicines.

What happens to Adam, Jennifer and Micheal is the climax.

The story involves a lot of cases that Jennifer solves and it is all so interesting and intelligently handled!

At a Glance....

Name of the Book - Rage of Angels

Author - Sidney Sheldon

Genre - Fiction

Pages - 504

Author's Website - Hachette Book Group

Other books from this author that I have - If tomorrow comes

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Summer's End

This is yet another book that really touched me! This book, along with another 2 books,is from the used books sale I went to a few weeks back. I am so glad that I picked up this title from among the 1000's of books there.

This story is about a lady who has everything that she wants - a good life, a beautiful family and loads of wealth.But there is one small yet important thing missing- love and affection from her husband! She finds another guy who treats her like she wants her husband to treat her, respects her and thinks of her highly. But she can never really leave her husband for this guy she falls in love with.

It is struggle of mind and her decision that makes this story so touching and very interesting to here.Here is the gist....

This book is about Deanna Duras, a lady married to Marc Edouard. Denna grows up in a rich family where her father is always traveling in the plane he owned and flew himself and has little time to take care of her or any of other things. Sometimes Denna used to accompany him on his travels and other times she would be left in the care of his friends or relatives.When he is killed in a crash,Denna is left all alone and has no one to turn to.

Deanna soon finds out that her father owed a lot of money and she did not have much of it left. She tries staying with some relatives but they keep her with them for just a short period.

She is not sure what job to look for ,for she knows nothing much except to paint beautiful pictures when her father was away on his travels.

One day she gets a letter that a pending case was won and she would be getting something like $ 6000-7000 which she though would be put to use by going to an Art school.The French government asks her lawyer to contact them at the earliest. She contacts the name from one of her aunts contact and turns up in his office.

That is where is met Marc Edourd Duras.Marc marvelled at this young girl who was pouring out her story and her tears and three months later that girl was his wife.

Though his mother disapproved the match, he was very loving and provided her with everything he had. That was more than what Deanna could have asked for!

Life moves on and they have 2 kids both of whom die soon after birth and finally Pilar, a cute little daughter is born and she steals Marc attention.Pilar grows up and starts revolting against her mother and her ideals. She likes her father's side of the family, the French life style and has nothing to do about her American mother and her ways.

Life soon becomes boring and Deanna finds herself more and more in her studio where she keeps alive her passion for painting.

One summer Marc leaves on a trip that would last fro 3 months and Deanna finds herself very lonely and depressed. Her friend ,Kimberly, invites her to a small business trip where she meets Ben,a gallery owner.
Ben and Deanna fall in love and agree to be together till the summer's end.Ben arranges for her paintings to be showed in an exhibition and she is excited .

The story has a turning when we read that Marc has been having an affair for the past three years with an ex-model named -Chantal. On his tours and travels Chantal joins Marc and he spends time with her showering her with all his love and expensive gifts!

In the meanwhile, much against Deanna's words, Marc gifts his daughter with a motorbike while she is vacationing with her grandmother in France. Pilar gets involved in an accident and is very critical. A call to Deanna sends her packing to France in spite of some sort of sickness that has been tormenting Deanna for the past few weeks.

Deanna promises to keep in touch with Ben and flies off to see her daughter. Marc arrives late and Deanna sees him with Carmel in the airport while they walk out arm in arm. She realises that it is more than just a casual friendship on the flight as Marc puts it later.

But first she need to deal with the injured child.Marc and Deanna lose their only child and are grief stricken. Chantal pressurizes Marc to marry her or else she will get married to another guy who has proposed to her. Marc is in a dilemma now.

During their stay in a friends place near Dreux, they find out that Deanna is pregnant and Marc is over joyed. Deanna is not quite sure if that baby belongs to her husband or Ben!

She returns home after the holiday instead if waiting for Marc to get back after the business trip. She decides to abort the baby but changes her mind in the last minutes. But she never once mentions this to Ben while she spends the last few days of Summer at his house in Carmel.

During an argument, Deanna mentions that she knows that she has been cheated when she finds out that Chantal has been living in the same city and Marc has been vising her. In a counter argument, ?Marc says that she too has been cheating him as she could have never become pregnant because of him! He goes on to mention that he a vasectomy done years ago since Chantal was a diabetic and getting pregnant would complicate her condition!On one  hand Deanna is shocked and on the other happy to confirm that it's Ben's baby that she is carrying.

The next day, Deanna packs her painting and few other stuffs and moves in with Kimberly. She stays there till she finds a new place for her and the baby.

Meanwhile, Marc finds out that Chantal has been cheating on him and packs up everything and leaves to France to live with him mother.

Does Ben find out about Deanna and his baby?Do they get back together ? Well, this is for you to find out when you read this book...

At a Glance....

Name of the Book - Summer's End

Author - Danielle Steel

Genre - Fiction

Pages - 383

Author's Website - Danielle Steel.com

Other books from this author that I have read / yet to read - Mirror Image, The Clone, Journey, Daddy,

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