"Book collecting is an obsession, an occupation, a disease, an addiction, a fascination, an absurdity, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it must do it. ~ Novelist Jeanette Winterson

Monday, January 8, 2018

Humble Pie - Book Review

This is the first read of the year. I got this a couple of month's back and decided to start the year with an autobiography of a person who has intrigued me!

Gordon Ramsay is not a new name to anyone, thanks to his personality on TV shows! Going by his looks on the cover of this book and having seen him on TV made me wonder what he was really like! And that is one reason I picked up this book.

As seen on the cover, this is an autobiography of the world's best and world's worst chef!

The book is divided into several chapters and each chapter talks about a certain phase of his life but not confined to it.

I took almost a week to finish this as I very little time for reading.

The book talks about his parents and how his father was very abusive,childhood, his love for football and how that career ended, his struggle to gain a footing in the culinary world, working with the best in the field, his rivals, opening the various chains of restaurants and fine dining, his family etc.

My thoughts on the book:

  • It is an honest account of his life, which is something that an autobiography really needs. He does not mince words or facts. Through his words we can see how much of abuse he and his family have tolerated and yet in the end he goes to see him in his final days,which I feel, shows his respect  for his father. With the same honesty he admits when he has been off the line or created problems or made mistakes!
  •  From what I read, I can see that his rude attitude is from his experiences right from childhood - abusive father, poverty, working ungodly  hours under prominent chefs and the stress that comes with it, struggle with money and career.. Well all this does affect ones personality.
  • We get to know a lot of things that happen behind the scene in a restaurant. The real scenes in the kitchen, the life of a budding chef, the struggle and stuff.
  • The language is really very simple 
  • He uses a lot of expletives - the F- word once too often!!
  • The chapters in this book are not written in chronological order but experiences and events in various stages of his lifetime.
  • In all, you can see how much he worked and struggled to reach his goal of becoming the best in the business.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Queen of the Comeback : Book Review

The Queen of the Comeback by Nidhika Bahl : Book Review

I haven't read that many self help books and I haven't  written reviews of those either.When the publisher team contacted me for review, I thought it might be a good place to start reviewing self help books.

The Queen of comeback is a book by Nidhika Bahl with a forward by Gerry Robert. The cover has the tag lines - 7 ways for anyone to bounce back from life's obstacles. Win at everything from Careers and wealth to relationships and spirituality [And all else in between].

I received a signed copy of the book.It took a little time to start this one as I had a couple of books that came in earlier to be reviewed.

The book has 7 chapters and 7 survivor tales, lot of quotes and diagrams!

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