"Book collecting is an obsession, an occupation, a disease, an addiction, a fascination, an absurdity, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it must do it. ~ Novelist Jeanette Winterson

Friday, December 18, 2015

Reading Challenges for 2016

 I have a room full of books-on the shelves, on the sofa, on the bed and table and a few even on the floor!That's exactly how our guest bed room looks right now, littered with food props and books!

My To Be Read [TBR]list is growing faster than my kids and I thought it is time to read them all.Well, I do keep reading but in 2015, I could not post all the reviews on this blog.

This year, I wanted to do justice to the books that I got as well as this book space of mine and hence decided to join a few challenges that might be easy for me to read and most importantly document my reviews / reads.

I saw this huge list of reading challenges for 2016 and immediately started planning to join a few.

I am taking it easy this time by not setting a major challenges and just as much as I can. If I stress out on reading then there is no fun,right!!

Here is what I will be doing this year ...

1.Color coded challenge @ My Readers Block  where the challenge is to read 9 books in 9 categories with the specified color in the title or book cover. Interesting isn't it!!


2.2016 Dystopia Reading Challenge @ Cornerfolds - I found the the theme very interesting and something that I don't read very often. So I am going out of my comfort zone to read this genre. Incidentally, I have 2 books in the genre and the rest I am hoping to find them from this list.

3.2016 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge  @ My Soul Called Life - 6 keywords to choose from each month which should be in the title of the book. I am sure I will have 12 books off my TBR!

4. 2016 Alphabet soup reading challenge @ Escapes with Dollycas Into a Good Book - The name says it all - One book per alphabet.Now, I wonder what I willbe reading for Q,X and Z!!!Let's wait and see...

5.Full House Challenge @ Book Date - All one has to do is complete the categories on the card and get a full house. The categories are simple as well as interesting and right now I am sure I can cross off all but 2 categories in the card!!

Here are the themes to cross out..

6.Literary Loners Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of - Read the books written by loners or those that feature the main character as a loner. I do have some books that fit the bill, so I am joining in this one too!

Last but not the least - 

 7..Foodies Read Challenge @ Based On a True Story - I will post about this one on my food blog in a while.

Grab button for Foodies Read 2016 

Though I have posted all the sign ups in a single page, the reviews will be posted individually for each group and so will be the roundups at the end of the year. 

I am thoroughly excited to be doing these challenges and hopefully I will finish them all as planned. Fingers crossed...


  1. Oh I'm so excited to have you joining in two of the reading challenges I am hosting this year :) Seeing how dystopia is not a genre you're too keen with, can I recommend the Sunset Rising series? It's one of my absolute favorites, also The Hunger Games? Have you read that one?

    1. I have heard a lot about the Hunger games but haven't read it. Will surely look it up and also Sunset rising series. Thanks a lot for the recommendation Claudia :)

    2. You're welcome! The Hunger Games is amazing, you'll find it difficult to put the books down ;)

  2. Yes I agree challenges don't need to be stress but rather fun. Thanks for joining in the Full House challenge.

  3. Hi, I'm doing all of these challenges. I'm also hosting my first one ever:
    Let me know if you are interested.