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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brain - Book Review

At a Glance....

Author:Robin Cook
Genre : Medical Thriller
Format - Paperback 
ISBN -0-451-11260-1

 This is one of those books which has been sitting on my bookshelf way to long!

Ever since I read the first ever Robin Cook's - Sphinx,I was hooked on to his books. This one is a medical thriller and it surely gave a thrill reading it.

The story revolves around a medical center , 2 doctors-Martin Philips and Denise Sanger, who work there, a bunch of young women and William Micheals,Martin's researcher partner.

The story starts with a young woman going for Gynaec  check up at the Hobson University Medical Center ,New York, and then suddenly disappears from the face of the earth! This continues and several young women who come to the gynecology department go missing.Before they vanish, they display certain weird behaviors,mental breakdown and shocking sexual behaviors.

 William Micheals and Dr.Martin together have been working on developing a program to enable the computer to read the skull X-ray and William presents the work to Martin where he spends hours working with it and trying to see if the program is efficient / has any shortcomings.

 Dr. Martin, who is actually the Asst.Chief of Neuroradiology along with the the second year resident Denise, come to notice the missing brain in one of these women who has had brain surgery and died on the operation table.

Despite the several threats from the management to stop his involvement in other areas, Martin is dead set to find out why the women he has been examining through the reports exhibit such odd behaviors. He tries to meet these women and find they are all missing and each one had a gynaec checkup before they disappeared.

One fine day Martin follows the hospital coroner-Werner to see if he is involved in the missing women case and in his apartment,Martin is attacked by Werner and is saved by  someone who we later find out to be a FBI agent. Later Martin learns that he was being followed by this agent and was sent to protect him!

Everything goes out of hand and he reaches out to William for help who promises to get him out of the situation.But soon Martin realizes that there is a bigger conspiracy involved for which he has unknowingly played a part!!

He sees the missing women but in a totally different form! That's when he learns about human experimentation and realizes what has been happening all along! He also comes to witness the power of the human brain!

 My view of the book:

Yes, it is thrilling to read, especially to know why the women behave so weirdly and also to know where ,why and how they disappeared.The plot is gripping and makes you read on and on. Until the end I kept guessing what would have happened to all those missing women and the end sure came as a surprise!

On the other hand, some parts of the book dragged on a bit, like the way Martin uses the program to read the X rays etc. The end seemed a little hurried and looked like it was written to get it over with!

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