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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea | Book Review

At a Glance....

Title: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Author: Jules Verne
Publisher: Xist Publishing
Genre :Sci-Fi
Format - E- Book 
ISBN - 978-1-62395-839-8

I remember reading this in my school library years ago. That was the abridged version. Over the years, I forgot most of the story line but still remember Captain Nemo.When I saw this on my kindle cloud, I wanted to read the unabridged version and see what this book was all about.

This is the story of the French Naturalist Dr.Aronnox who sets out on a journey to hunt down a monster at sea which seems to destroy anything and everything that comes in its way. The ship in which he is traveling is attacked by the monster and he is overthrown along with his servant Conseil and an ace harpooner Ned Land.

They find themselves on the a submarine,Nautilus, which is the 'monster' that they were hunting. Together with the Captain Nemo, Aronnox explores the depths of the oceans and all the while Ned plans to escape from the Nautilus.

My view on the book:

It is a good book and the theme and technologies mentioned in the book was way ahead of the times it was written in!But to me it looked more like an underwater exploration rather than an adventure story. Some parts of the book really dragged along.I was so tempted to skip the pages that went on and on about the the geography of the ocean,the underwater forests, the sea urchin and other creatures of the sea! I got bored in between and was about to even abandon this book!

There are books that I would love to reread but I don't think this book falls under that category[in my opinion]. I liked the children's version better!

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