"Book collecting is an obsession, an occupation, a disease, an addiction, a fascination, an absurdity, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it must do it. ~ Novelist Jeanette Winterson

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Treasures from the attic....

It all started when Lil Angel asked me to get buy her a copy of Black Beauty.Apparently she had seen it in her library and before she could finish the book she was reading and pick it up , the library period got over and she had to leave the book on the shelf.

I remembered having a copy of the book and I promised to get it for her when we went to mom's place for the weekend. And when we went there, I was sure to remove the box of books from the attic. I still have a lot of my stuff at mom's place but I brought back a lot of books to my place. Still there are random boxes of my stuffs that have a couple of books in it.

These are the treasures that I found in a couple of boxes in the attic...

The Prophet was the book that I picked up,or rather,got it picked up by Dad's colleague,when our French Language Professor introduced us to a whole lot of books from this genre.I was so smitten by the way he read out the verses that I had to buy this book.And since it was out of stock in the bookstores here, Dad,unable to put up with my pestering requested his colleague to get a copy from a place he was visiting! Ah!! This books makes me so nostalgic.

And I thought I lost the 11th commandment!! I remember reading it just a couple of times and then I don't even remember seeing it, until yesterday! So glad that I found it.

Cancer ward is from a friend's collection .She asked me to keep it .Frankly, I have not even read a single line from that book! It goes straight to my TBR.

The prophesies of Nostradamus was picked up by dad and at that time I couldn't understand most of it. Let me try again...

A few of these books like win at work,How to read a person like a book and Essential facts came as a free gift with something / as a free against a magazine subscription. I'm ok you're ok and the power of positive thinking is from dad's collection.I really don;t know why I got the Palmistry book. I went to a used book store and saw this sitting on top of a pile and I just picked it up!!!

This is one of my favorite book from the box I recovered from the attic. It is a book of short stories. Sambu is proclaimed [by others] to be a detective but he finds out stuffs by coincidence. The tales are really humorous. I sort of developed my second language Tamil by reading such books!!

Ah...!!Here comes yet another favorite of mine!!This book was my non detail book in 6th standard! The brown cover is still intact! And that shows how much I loved books even back then. I even remember coloring those letters red using a pilot pen during class and then regretting defaming the book!

These books were those I got when I went into high school. I wonder where the rest of the stack is. 

I enjoyed writing this post, recollecting the happenings around each book .I would love to dig up some more of the boxes in mom's attic sometime and see what else I can find...

Until next post....


  1. I really love ur love for books n the collection of urs. I too am a bibliophile n love reading but seldom buy these days due to space constraints at home. Really love th;s blog n ur travel blog. The food blog is awesome too but these 2 are my top favorites...keep writing

    1. Thanks a lot Vaishnavi. Your words made my day :). I too am restraining myself from buying books due to space constraint but yet cave in when I see some good books on sale...