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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Second Spring - Book Review

Second Spring is Sandhya Jane's debut novel.It is a contemporary love story set in Mumbai and then shifts to the US.

This book was sent by BlogAdda for review.I had some free time today and sat down to  read this book.

It is a modern love story that has hints of traditionalism within it.The story revolves around Avantika and Rohan.

Avantika is a smart and successful single mom.She is in the banking profession and is held in admiration and awe by her peers. Life spins around her work and her little boy. She is content or makes it look like she is content with the things as it is in her life.

In walks Mr. Handsome aka Rohan.He is a part of her clients team and later shifts base to her office. He is six years her junior and also a smart and intelligent guy because of which Avantika feels with a little mentoring he will be her successor.

Right from day 1 both feel drawn towards each other. Avantika and Rohan are not sure if it is love or the care for each other that is mistaken by the other as love.

Rohan admires her for professionalism and charisma and also how she efficiently juggles the roles of being a single mom and also successful in her career.

Avantika falls for his charming smile and feels that she has to see him every day, be with him everyday and yet something holds her back.

The two often go out of town to meet clients and on one such occasion Rohan is not able to hold back the passion and confesses his love for her. Spending the night with Rohan looks like life is bliss until he receives a message from his sister that their parents have a girl ready for him and the engagement is to take place very soon.

Unable to spell this out to the sleeping beauty nearby and scared to confront his traditionalist parents ,he packs his bags and leaves the room.Avantika sees his letter and the impact of his actions creates a huge crater in her mind.

What happens next?

Read the full review and my thoughts on the book here

This books is for the Full House Challenge, where I can strike off  the box with 'Debut Novel'

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