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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chai for Beginners - Book Review

Yesterday we had the monthly power shut down.So with it went anything that had to do with electricity including washing and grinding and mainly blogging and browsing.

Lil Dude and I are down with a bad cough and we decided to day the day easy. I kept the lil one at home and he slept in late to take advantage of the leave.

After packing off Lil Angel to school , the both of us were in no mood for the regular activities. Lil Dude watched TV for a while[it ran on UPS] and I , though in no mood to do so, finished up the chores.

We still had more than a couple of hours to kill before Lil Angel got back from school.I wondered aloud if Lil Dude would sleep but he made it clear that he was content playing with his box-full of cars.

So while he was busy racing cars and making them fly, I sat down with a book and read my dose for the reading challenges.

Apart from the reading challenges that I have signed up for,I have also committed myself to read 100 books this year and this book marks the 5th one .You can take a look at the 5 books that I have read so far in the goodreads 2016 reading challenge widget on the side bar.

I did a small calculation and it looks like I have to read around  8.5 books a month to get to my 100 book commitment. OK, let me round it up to an 8.That means 2 books per week! Now, I wonder how I will be able to do it!! Maybe I can.We all have to wait till the end of the year to see if I finished off what I started..

Now, coming back to the book I read yesterday....

Jane Ainslie is the author of this 194 paged book. It was published in 2011 and costs INR 150/-

The story starts with Sita Sinclair ,aged 27,a resident of Sydney, getting ready to join a new firm. She is scared of the new place and job and how it will treat her,but more than that she is still depressed and recovering from her break up,or rather, been dumped by her boyfriend- Mark.

She likes her new office and more so Gerome who also works there. His personality are and attitude is one of the reasons. He takes her out to the staffs favorite weekend joint for drinks and introduces his partner Lawrence.

They suggest she rent their friends place as he looking for a tenant for 18 months and while he is away he needs someone reliable to look after his house.

Sita checks out the place and  Paul suggests a very low rent and Sita immediately vacates her apartment eager to leave behind all the stuffs that reminds her of her ex.

As soon as she moves, a neighbor,an elderly Indian Mrs. Sharma invites her over for tea. Out of courtesy,Sita goes over .Mrs. Sharma offers tea and they get talking.Mrs. Sharma explains the meaning of her name and all about Sita and why Goddess Sita is her favorite Deity.

In spite of Sita knowing that her mom named her thus was to infuriate her Christian mother,Sita Sinclair listens awestruck to the mythological story. Slowly the two become friends with the tow having tea and dinner at each others place quite often.

Meanwhile at work, a new art director walks in namely Callum and he is smitten by Sita. But Sita is still not sure if she wants to get into a relationship especially since she fells she has not recovered from the heartbreak.

One day out of the blue, Mrs. Sharma invites her to travel with her to India to see the places where she was born and married off to.Sita is not sure if she liked the idea but slowly realizes it would be a good thing to do to clear her mind from the breakup.Plans are made only to be interrupted by Mrs. Sharma's children, Ramesh and Meena who argue that it would not be proper for their mother to travel to India with a foreigner and it also be a waste of money.

Mrs. Sharma is heart broken but Sita consoles her telling that Mrs. Sharma need not beg her kids for money.They have no right to deny her of her wishes as they have since left her to live alone in the apartment years ago.

So Mrs. Sharma gives her dowry jewels to Sita to sell so that she can use it for the travel.But a heated argument with her daughter gives her an actual heart attack.At the hospital, Mrs. Sharma makes Sita promise that she would take her ashes and dissolve it in the Ganges. Sita agrees and after a few hours Mrs. Sharma passes away!!

Her children refuse to abide by their mother's wishes but after Sita reasons out why their mother chose her to do it, they agree.

She sets off to India for 2 weeks and fulfills Mrs. Sharma's wishes. She also visits the other places where they had earlier planned to go.

All through her journey in India, Sita is on the lookout for any sign that might lift her spirits up and give her a sign to move on.

Now, does she find one? Does Sita want to get back to Callum? She she over her ex?To find out,all you have to do is read the book...

This is a very light read, ideal for a weekend or when you have a couple of hours to kill...

Chai for Beginners is for the 2016 Alphabet soup reading challenge

Happy Browsing....

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