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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Animal Farm by George Orwell

I'm kick starting the reading Challenges for 2016 with this book...

Title: Animal Farm
Author: George Orwell

Publication Date:Aug 1945
Publisher: Fingerprint Classics

Format : Paperback

Pages: 143
Genre:Dystopia / Political Satire

I finished reading this in less than 3 hours...

Though I have seen this book plenty of times while shopping online, it never occurred to me to add it to my collection since it looked more like a kid's book to me.Then one fine day,when it was on promotional sale,I pick it up.It then stayed on the shelf till I saw this Dystopia  Reading Challenge announcement and then went over to check out list of the  books that fall into this category.My eyes fell on this book and that kindled my interest to read this book.

This book written by George Orwell is said to be based on the events that happened around the Russian Revolution.

On the outside, the book looks more like the story that happens in a farm among animals.It is more like a 'Fairy tale' theme. On digging deeper, you realize it is indeed a political satire.

It is the story set in the Mr.Jones' Manor farm.The animals are sick and tired of being taken for granted to do the farm work. One night ,a pig named ,Old Major, speaks to the assembled animals about his dream where the animals are all free from the tyranny of the humans.

After Old Major's death,two pigs named Snowball and Napoleon,plan to take over the farm. Being considered intelligent, they head the rebellion and succeed.The name of the farm is changed to 'Animal Farm'

At first everything is sunny .On the gate outside,7 commandments are written and followed by all .Later the pigs gain upper hand and soon the 'doctrines that were first emphasized crumbles . Corruption surfaces and all the animals begin to see the differences.

Snowball is accused of  treachery after her disappearnace and Napoleon is full in command. The laws of the farm are changed as per the pigs requirements.Life becomes harsh for all the animals except for the pigs. The animals are made to work longer and harder with very little food but the pigs live in comfort and luxury with good food and alcohol!

Years pass by and Napoleon goes into contract with the owners of the nearby farm.Eventually,the pigs start walking on hind legs and take on many qualities of the humans.

The previously written 7 commandments are reduced to one - All animals are equal;But some animals are more equal than the others.The name of the farm is also changed back to 'Manor Farm'.

One night the other animals watch from outside as the pigs and humans from the nearby farm drink and play cards. In a while these animals find it difficult to distinguish between the pigs and humans!

Though this was written in 1945, it still finds relevance to the present day political scenario.The corruption and the craze for power that arises subsequently is unmistakable in this novel.

It is truly a timeless classic that divulges the human nature even though the story is set in a farm!

Coming to the cover, I specifically chose this one over the others as it looked kinda rustic and more like a worn-out sign board.

This is my first George Orwell novel and after reading this,I have ordered a few more of his books and you are sure to read the reviews here.

This book is a part of 2016 Alphabet soup reading challenge , Dystopia Reading Challenge,
Full House Challenge  and this book crosses out the theme - Way out of comfort zone as this genre is very new to me and this is my first read in this genre.


  1. Great review! You walk readers through it and get them interested in reading this book and others by George Orwell. I personally have not read any of his books yet, but I might add some to my reading list this year.

  2. Good on you for going way out of your comfort zone! I read this book in school and probably didn't get that much from it, being young and simple!