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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mirror Image

Yet another lovely story by my Favorite author!  This is a story about identical twins Victoria and Olivia Henderson. These girls are identical mirror images yet their thoughts and actions are quite the opposite.

The story is set in World War 1 period.The book literally took me through that time period and I could see all the images right in front of me!

Olivia is a well mannered and well behaved girl but Victoria is just the opposite! She falls for a guy who is already married and gets pregnant. After a fall from a horse ride session, the baby gets aborted and that is when Olivia comes to know about it.

Since her reputation is gone, her father gets her married off to Charles Dawson.Olivia is saddened as she had a liking fot Charles but says nothing to keep up the family pride.

Charles had lost his wife in the Titanic and has a 10 year old son -Geoffrey.The wedding takes place and Olivia is left to tend her ailing father. She makes up her mind never to marry and be with her father till his end.

Victoria on the other hand neglects the house hold duties and is more interested in attending political meetings.This saddens and affects Charles.

Once when Olivia visits her sister, Victoria convinces Olivia to switch places so that she can go and serve the army in France.Reluctantly Olivia accepts and starts living as Victoria.

Unaware of all this, Charles is gladdened when Olivia [as Victoria] looks after Geoffrey and takes care of the house and is not ill tempered as before.Soon she gives birth to twins and lives happily with Charles.

On the other side, Olivia is helping out in the army and has a son with the army major and both of them are fatally wounded in the war.The Major then dies.

Olivia goes to see a very wounded Victoria and she finds a lot of changes in her. She learns about the Major, her son and when Olivia dies, she plans to bring home her son to live with them.

Between all this, the girls dad passes away and Charles learns the truth about the switched identity.

How he manages the issue and what happens when Olivia decides to bring back her sisters son is the interesting part in this story...

After reading this book , you will feel a lot of emotions as expressed by the characters and for a while you will be living in France, amidst the war, laughing happily with Charles and his family, feeling pity on Mr. Henderson and so on.

A very emotional and toughing read about the two sisters...

Happy browsing...

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