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Thursday, July 23, 2015


Today being ‘Father’s Day’,I thought it will apt to post a novel with fits the theme.Daddy- one of the most touching novels written by Danielle Steel. From what I read so far,most of Danielle Steel’s books are women centric. This one is an exception

Though the story starts with Sarah looking out of the window into the snow and wondering where life had lead her, this is actually the story of the life of her husband –Oliver.

Sarah,who once was the assistant editor with Crimson marries Oliver a graduate from Harvard business school and who works for an ad agency. Life goes on smoothly ,they have 3 kids-Ben,Melissa and Sam, a dog and a lovely housekeeper –Aggie.

Sarah ,after 18 years of marriage to Oliver, suddenly feels life is empty and feels the need to do something worthwhile-like getting back to the profession she once loved. She applies to Harvard and gets accepted.

Sarah is delighted but the news falls hard on the family. They all beg her to stay but she leaves them after Christmas.

This act stirs up a lot of emotions within the family and each member of the family reacts differently to the situation.Oliver is the most shaken and tries to keep the family intact but he too has a bad time.
In between all this Olivers mother falls prey to Alzemiers and he has to take care of his father as well.

Ben gets his girl friend pregnant and takes on Oliver by leaving him and living with the girl Sandra.He quits college and works to jobs to take care of her.Melissa feels that her mom going away had something to do with Oliver and is quite withdrawn.Sam is equally shaken

The kids meet up with their mom and once Sam mentions that Jean Pierre , his moms room mate might have a crush on her but he is far younger than his mom!

Once she takes the kids to France with Jean Pierre and there they meet with an accident and Jean Pierre dies leaving behind a shaken and saddened Sarah!

Oliver moves out of the town and meets a girl and have a whirlwind romance that does not last. 

Then he  meets Charlotte a.k.a Charlie, a TV star and finds her company a solice. Then plan to get married and even the kids are happy with the decision. But just when the plan takes shape Charlie  gets a chance to do a Broadway show.This has been her dream and now Charlie wonders how things will work out and the wedding plans are on the rocks!

How Oliver solves all the problems and moves on is the story!

This is a very touching story of a man who struggles to keep the family intact and finally finds joy...

Happy browsing...

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