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Sunday, January 5, 2014

One Night At The Call Center

A few weeks back, I saw this on a discount sale and thought it would be a nice read .Since I have heard quite a few reviews about the author and his books I bought this one without hesitation.



This book was born when the author met a young girl on an over night train journey.She tells him the story about the lives of 6 people working in a call center / BPO and the time when their world up side down! After a conversation with God, they make life changing decisions that make them feel better and happier.

My Thoughts....

Since this is a small book, I chose to read this one for week 1.I read this book within a couple of days. The book , as the name suggests, is based on what happened one night in the workplace.

The story is narrated by Shyam and work with Radhika,Esha,Priyanka, Vroom[a nickname given to Varun coz he loves to drive his bike very fast!] and Military Uncle. The story shows the various sides of the characters when they are at home and at work.Each one of them have something on their mind and their lives that makes them sad and frustrated. 

When I read the gist of the story, it said they got a phone call from God. I expected it to happen somewhere earlier on in the book, but God comes only on page 200 [of the 257 paged book!].
The story has flash backs almost after each chapter as Shyam recollects certain incidents and events as the friends chat in their work place.
All in all it is an 'OK' book for me. Nothing much to get excited over. But what I did like was the fact that each character / event is so real that you can almost relate their lives to you or some one close to you!
At a Glance....

Book -One Night At The Call Center

Author -Chetan Bhagat

Publisher -Rupa Publications India Ltd

Genre - Fiction

No. of Pages - 257

Price - INR 140


Year of Publication - 2005                                                                                                

Get in touch with the author @ his Website -www.chetanbhagat.com / e-mail him @ info@chetanbhagat.com

Other books by this author that I have read - None so far

The next book that I am reading is also a fiction and a very interesting one too.Stay tuned for the next post...

Happy Browsing...

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