"Book collecting is an obsession, an occupation, a disease, an addiction, a fascination, an absurdity, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it must do it. ~ Novelist Jeanette Winterson

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7 Secrets of the Goddess

Last month, before Diwali, I was browsing through the shelves of one of the famous stores in the mall. I chanced upon this book and wanted to pick up a copy as I found the book to have some interesting facts. But since it was past the billing time, I could not pick up a copy.But I was very lucky to receive this from Blogadda for review!

This book authored by Devdutt Pattanaik, attempts in unlocking the secrets of our ancestors by bringing into light the meanings of the stories,symbols and rituals of the Goddess.

There are seven chapters titled
  1. Gaia's secret[Greek Goddess]
  2. Kali's secret
  3.  Gauri's secret
  4.  Durga's secret
  5.  Lakshmi's secret
  6.  Saraswathi's secret
  7.  Vitthai's secret
In each of these chapters, the author talks about the balance of male and female entities in the society. It flows through each society, through the Gods and Goddesses and through various cultures and countries.

And with that the book talks of how the women were in the prime position in the society long back and how men emerged to come to the forefront though the ages.

What I liked the most is the pictures / paintings and sketches on each page. For every topic on the page, there is a reference pic on the left hand page.

It was so interesting to see some rare and unusual pics and photos and it impressed me a lot.There are no stories actually, but something more of facts from the various scriptures and other sources.

Read more about the book here...

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

God is a Gamer

When Blogadda sent me this book for review, I had very high expectations. I have already read and reviewed Ravi Subramanian's Bankster and it was a very thrilling and 'hard to put down' read.I expected nothing less from his current novel.As I started reading this book, I was convinced that the book would live up to my expectations.

The story line starts with a prologue -the the meeting between the President of Master Card International and the CEO of Visa International.And this happens in  2009 in New York, where some important decisions are charted out.

l story starts with the murder of Gillian Tan in Washington DC while on his way to meet the President who also happens to be his pal. From there the story travels to New Delhi,Mumbai, Goa,New York,Rio and back and forth between these places and more.

The story revolves around the world of bitcoins, a relatively new term for many of us.It is a sort of digital currency that was founded in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. And more importantly it can be transferred from one person to another at the click of a button without the intervention of any financial institution.

The book has quite a few characters all playing a powerful part in sculpting the story.

Read more of the story which has a whole lot of twists and turns here....

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Certain Prey

This is a very old book that I picked from a used books sale. This is the first book that I read in the 'Prey series' and it is certainly a good one.

Clara Rinker is a hit women, the smartest and best in her job plus is going to business school!. She is hired by a defense attorney - Carmel Loan as she wants to eliminate Barbara Allen and Clara gets the job done. This is unwittingly witnessed by a cop and so starts a series of shootings and killing.

Clara and Carmel get together to wipe out the evidences and want to be about without a trace. But things don't go as planned when officer Davenport takes on the killing case and finds a thing or two about both these women.

The ending is most unexpected and one of these women dies.Read this book to find out who it is...

This book is a fast paced thrilled and after a while you feel sorry, sad and happy for the characters..
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a thriller..

Happy browsing...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Catching the Departed

Last month I received a copy of the book - Catching the Departed,from the author for review. The author - Kulpreet Yadav,is the founder -editor of Open Road Review,a literary journal with  global footprint.He is also the founder of the Asian Pacific Writers and Translators Association.This book was shortlisted for the Hachette - DNA 'Hunt for the Next Bestseller'.

When I saw the title, I was sort of intrigued. I wondered if it would be something to do with supernatural things or a mystery solved after someone departed to the other world.Well, read on to know what it is all about!

Read more of this review in my other blog...

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Maid in Singapore

This is one of the books that I got recently.Very recently ,actually,just 2 days ago! I finished reading it the same day I got this book in two hours flat!!It is one of those books that made me read till the end non stop.

The story is about a family that plans to move to Singapore from London. A husband of British origin, a wife of Indian origin and their 14 year old son, settle down in Singapore. They hire a maid ,a young lady,Mary,to make things easy around the house.

In reality, the house and the people are torn and tattered by the actions of the maid! Or that is what Mrs. Rashmi Kettlewood thinks...

David Kettlewood has a weird way of pointing an empty gun at his wife after getting stupidly drunk and getting his way with her in bed.

Rashmi catches her husband in bed with the maid in the same manner that he does it with her ,is inexplicably furious and decides to send back the maid. By the agency refuses to transfer her to another home within the city since the medical tests show she is pregnant. The family pays her a lot of money and the agency sends her home. Just as she is boarding the flight, the maid texts Rashmi to get her son examined by a physician. Rashmi is all the more shocked and luckily no one is 'infected'.

Mr. Kettlewood learns that he has cancer while he was tested for communicable disease after the maid left. He dies in few years and their son Jay is a lawyer in Wall Street.

Rashmi leads a very lonely life and one day finds Mary, the maid in one of the London super markets. She  is upset, yet wants to know what happened to her son.She gets her number and contacts her

Mary, has a son ,Rafael,and Rashmi has her own doubts. After a paternity test,she finds that Rafael is her grandson!

She write a will which includes Jay and Rafael and sends a copy over to her son.Jay suddenly disappears and Rashmi travels across the globe to find

She is shocked by the turn of events.

What happens to Jay, the maid and Rashmi is for you to read and find out. And I am sure you will find the ending very different ...

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Ramayana - The Game of Life : Rise of the Sun Prince (Book 1)

I am so lagging behind in posting for the 52 books in 52 weeks reading Challenge.Though I have been reading a lot and of course buying a lot of books, I don't find time to post them all here. I really have a lot to catch up!

For now, here is a book that came for review and one that is relevant even today.
I have the habit of reading books over and over again over a period of time. I keep buying new books, yet I take an old book from the shelf to read once again.

If there is one book that almost everyone reads or should read if not over and over again, at least once, is the Ramayana.This epic has 24,000 verses which describes the life of Lord Rama.It also portrays and teaches us the role of each person in the society be it a father, wife, brother, king ,servant etc.

The Ramayana is not a book; it is a way of life, says the author of the book - Ramayana - The Game of Life : Rise of the Sun Prince ,Subha Vilas.

When the author sent me the book for review, I was so struck by the beautiful cover illustration. The painting of Rama and Lakshmana protecting Sage Valmiki's rites from the demons - Maricha and Subahu is indeed beautiful.

This book is the first in the series of Ramayana and it portrays the Bala Kaandam / The childhood of Lord Rama.This book has the narratives both from the Valmiki Ramayana and the Kamba Ramayana. It covers the time before Lord Rama's birth to his wedding with Sita.

Read the rest of the review here, in my other blog....

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sorting Out Sid

I know I am way behind in this challenge of reading 52 book in 52 weeks. I have rad a lot of books but I literally don't find time to post the reviews.

Anyway, here is one of my recent reads....

Sorting Out Sid is yet another book that I got through Indiblogger for reviewing. When Yashodhara Lal left a comment on my blog regarding the release of the book and a contest, I was so interested to read this book.I am sure you remember her from my review of Yashodara's debut book - Just Married Please Excuse.

Sorting out Sid is based on the life of our Hero -Siddhart Agarwal aka Sid, who is thoughtless,vain,Master of denial,amiable easy going,beer loving,witty,impulsive,well meaning, comical and in trouble!!

To read more about this book,check out this post that I have posted on my other blog...

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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Hunt For Kohinoor

Kohinoor - A famed precious gem

A Mythological tale claims that it was worn by Lord Krishna and it was stole from Him when He was asleep.
Another story claims that it was found in a river bed in 3200 B.C
The first reliable evidence is from Barber, The Mughal Emperor, who named it as a part of the treasure won bu Alauddin in the 14th century.
The Mughal acquired it in the year 1526.

Right from the start this gem was claimed and hunted by India, US,Afghanistan and Taliban.

Now in the present times, the same countries are on the look out for the Kohinoor but this time, its not the gem that they are after, but it is a set of critical documents that decides the fate of the country and its people....

This is the outline of Manreet Sodhi Someshwar's second book - The Hunt For Kohinoor . This book is the second of the Thriller series featuring Mehrunisa Khosa.

A very thrilling book and I loved it. Read the review here..

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Rage Of Angels

This is one the books that I love to re-read. In fact most of my books fall into this category. This story is about a woman's life which is shadowed by two most powerful men and she is attached to both of them for various reasons.

Jennifer Parker is a young and beautiful woman who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time thus ending her career as an attorney in a very shot period of just a few hours!!

Because of her tryst with the Mafia of which she had nothing to do, she meets the handsome attorney Adam Warner who has been sent to investigate her ties / relationships with the mafia due to which a highly sensitive case had to be closed.Adam sees her living condition and her behavior and concludes that she was in no way involved. All charges are dropped against Jennifer but no one is willing to hire her because of the sensation the case had created.

She struggles to live and ends up in an office with two men - Ken Bailey and Otto Wenzel. These two men help her build back her career and she finds her footing by helping the destitute.

Micheal Moretti,a Mafia man and the one who changed her fate offers her a job once too often and each time Jennifer remembers with anger at what he has done to her life.

Jennifer gains everyone attention by wining a grand case for Abraham Wilson and now everyone wants to hire her. But she is unwilling to walk away from the two friends who have helped her earlier.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Adam fall in love and meet secretly over lunches and spend time together, He even rents a luxurious apartment for her.

She becomes very famous and Both she and Adam are very pleased. Meanwhile Adam run for the Senator and is very busy. Jennifer finds that she is pregnant and is eager to tell Adam.When they meet Adam tells her that his wife is pregnant and he will not be able to leave her now that he is running for the post of a Senator.

Jennifer never mentions her conditions and withdraws fully from his life. She leaves the office and the outside world to live in seclusion till she has her baby which is born as a splitting image of father. The only connection between the outside world and the world in which Jennifer lives is Ken Bailey who has a secret admiration for her.

Jennifer comes back to work and picks up her life from there.Her son grows up and each and every action of his reminds her of Adam.

Once Joshua, her son, is kidnapped and she is not sure whom to turn to. Adam does not even know that Joshua is his child and she has never spoken to him after the cut-off. So she ah no other go but to call Micheal and ask for his help. Micheal helps her find Joshua through his connections and she inadvertently falls into his traps.

Slowly he sends her some cases and then gets her into the Mafia's business as well. Soon she is representing the Mafia in all the major cases and this does not look good for her earlier clients and friends. All of them withdraw from her including Ken Bailey!

Once she meets Adam during a conference in Acapulco where she asks Joshua and his nanny to join her on the trip. Adam and Jennifer get together once more and they are noticed by Micheal's men who promptly report this to him as Adam is a threat to their gang.

Joshua has a minor skiing accident which takes his life and Jennifer dies within.It takes a while for her to regain herself and when she does, all she knows is that she is fighting for cases for the Mafia Against Robert de Silva , the attorney who felt she should never practice law because of the outrage she created when she joined his form as a trainee.

Micheal learns that Adam was her boy friend and sets out to destroy her. He isolates her in Singapore where she has gone to bail out one of his men and from there she is brought back to Micheal. On the way the driver mentions that Adam is about to be assassinated and she passes on this information to de Silva through the phone while she gets out of the drivers sight under the pretext of buying some medicines.

What happens to Adam, Jennifer and Micheal is the climax.

The story involves a lot of cases that Jennifer solves and it is all so interesting and intelligently handled!

At a Glance....

Name of the Book - Rage of Angels

Author - Sidney Sheldon

Genre - Fiction

Pages - 504

Author's Website - Hachette Book Group

Other books from this author that I have - If tomorrow comes

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Summer's End

This is yet another book that really touched me! This book, along with another 2 books,is from the used books sale I went to a few weeks back. I am so glad that I picked up this title from among the 1000's of books there.

This story is about a lady who has everything that she wants - a good life, a beautiful family and loads of wealth.But there is one small yet important thing missing- love and affection from her husband! She finds another guy who treats her like she wants her husband to treat her, respects her and thinks of her highly. But she can never really leave her husband for this guy she falls in love with.

It is struggle of mind and her decision that makes this story so touching and very interesting to here.Here is the gist....

This book is about Deanna Duras, a lady married to Marc Edouard. Denna grows up in a rich family where her father is always traveling in the plane he owned and flew himself and has little time to take care of her or any of other things. Sometimes Denna used to accompany him on his travels and other times she would be left in the care of his friends or relatives.When he is killed in a crash,Denna is left all alone and has no one to turn to.

Deanna soon finds out that her father owed a lot of money and she did not have much of it left. She tries staying with some relatives but they keep her with them for just a short period.

She is not sure what job to look for ,for she knows nothing much except to paint beautiful pictures when her father was away on his travels.

One day she gets a letter that a pending case was won and she would be getting something like $ 6000-7000 which she though would be put to use by going to an Art school.The French government asks her lawyer to contact them at the earliest. She contacts the name from one of her aunts contact and turns up in his office.

That is where is met Marc Edourd Duras.Marc marvelled at this young girl who was pouring out her story and her tears and three months later that girl was his wife.

Though his mother disapproved the match, he was very loving and provided her with everything he had. That was more than what Deanna could have asked for!

Life moves on and they have 2 kids both of whom die soon after birth and finally Pilar, a cute little daughter is born and she steals Marc attention.Pilar grows up and starts revolting against her mother and her ideals. She likes her father's side of the family, the French life style and has nothing to do about her American mother and her ways.

Life soon becomes boring and Deanna finds herself more and more in her studio where she keeps alive her passion for painting.

One summer Marc leaves on a trip that would last fro 3 months and Deanna finds herself very lonely and depressed. Her friend ,Kimberly, invites her to a small business trip where she meets Ben,a gallery owner.
Ben and Deanna fall in love and agree to be together till the summer's end.Ben arranges for her paintings to be showed in an exhibition and she is excited .

The story has a turning when we read that Marc has been having an affair for the past three years with an ex-model named -Chantal. On his tours and travels Chantal joins Marc and he spends time with her showering her with all his love and expensive gifts!

In the meanwhile, much against Deanna's words, Marc gifts his daughter with a motorbike while she is vacationing with her grandmother in France. Pilar gets involved in an accident and is very critical. A call to Deanna sends her packing to France in spite of some sort of sickness that has been tormenting Deanna for the past few weeks.

Deanna promises to keep in touch with Ben and flies off to see her daughter. Marc arrives late and Deanna sees him with Carmel in the airport while they walk out arm in arm. She realises that it is more than just a casual friendship on the flight as Marc puts it later.

But first she need to deal with the injured child.Marc and Deanna lose their only child and are grief stricken. Chantal pressurizes Marc to marry her or else she will get married to another guy who has proposed to her. Marc is in a dilemma now.

During their stay in a friends place near Dreux, they find out that Deanna is pregnant and Marc is over joyed. Deanna is not quite sure if that baby belongs to her husband or Ben!

She returns home after the holiday instead if waiting for Marc to get back after the business trip. She decides to abort the baby but changes her mind in the last minutes. But she never once mentions this to Ben while she spends the last few days of Summer at his house in Carmel.

During an argument, Deanna mentions that she knows that she has been cheated when she finds out that Chantal has been living in the same city and Marc has been vising her. In a counter argument, ?Marc says that she too has been cheating him as she could have never become pregnant because of him! He goes on to mention that he a vasectomy done years ago since Chantal was a diabetic and getting pregnant would complicate her condition!On one  hand Deanna is shocked and on the other happy to confirm that it's Ben's baby that she is carrying.

The next day, Deanna packs her painting and few other stuffs and moves in with Kimberly. She stays there till she finds a new place for her and the baby.

Meanwhile, Marc finds out that Chantal has been cheating on him and packs up everything and leaves to France to live with him mother.

Does Ben find out about Deanna and his baby?Do they get back together ? Well, this is for you to find out when you read this book...

At a Glance....

Name of the Book - Summer's End

Author - Danielle Steel

Genre - Fiction

Pages - 383

Author's Website - Danielle Steel.com

Other books from this author that I have read / yet to read - Mirror Image, The Clone, Journey, Daddy,

Happy Browsing....

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less

I got this at a book fair when I was in college. This book fair which was held inside the huge library was like a blessing in disguise for many of us. Right on the first day, I picked up 3 of Jeffrey Archer's books after I overheard one of my college mate describing the works of the author.

This book was born out of the authors personal experience with near-bankruptcy. This also happens to be his first book and it was published in the year 1976!

 Four men- Stephen Bradley,an oxford don, Jean Pierre, an art dealer, James Brigsley, an English Lord , Dr. Robin Oakley, a revered society Physician suddenly find that the oil company shares that they had purchased have gone done to the lowest possible price and they are left penniless.

To get it back, Stephen calls in the other three whom he has never met before and puts forth a plan to get each penny back from the con - Harvey Metcalfe,a Polish immigrant.

Each one of these men have to come up with a plan to bring Harvey down and get back the money. While the other three are seriously going about formulating the strategy, James falls in love with a beautiful model - Anne.

He spend more time with her and also takes part in the 'drama' to get back every penny from Harvey.HE discusses every move with her except revealing who the target is. Finally the wedding bells ring for James and Anne and he finds out that she is none other than Harvey's daughter!

The 4 manage to get back every penny that Harvey swindled from them ,which amounts to a million Dollars, and suddenly they find an announcement in the papers that the Oil Company in which they had invested has struck oil and the share rates have gone up! Finally Stephan says he has to work out a way to give back the money to Harvey!

I loved this book the first time I read it and enjoyed it more when I read it after so many years. A good entertainer which keep you turning pages and one that you cannot put down till you reach the last page.....

At a Glance....

Book - Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less

Author -Jeffrey Archer

Genre - Fiction

No. of Pages - 255

ISBN No. - 0-671-64312-6

Year first published - 1976

Other books by this author that I have read - Kane & Abel, A Prisoner of Birth, The 11th commandment, Prison Diary,Shall we tell the President

Trivia about the book- The author found it difficult to find a publisher for his first book and sold only 3000 hard back copies! Later it was a mega hit and sold over 20,000 paperback copies in a year!!This book has been reprinted 57 times!

This book was also adapted into a mini TV series.

Get in touch with the author @ his Website - Jeffrey Archer

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vector by Robin Cook

I became a huge fan of Robin Cook after I read 'Sphinx'. I loved it to the core and re-read it so many times in the past. Then the time came when all my novels and other books had to be shelved.I would sneak through a few pages of my favorite novels and put them away quickly for I knew I had other duties to attend to-like running behind 2 lil kids!

Now that my daughter is in school, I have a few free hours when my lil one takes a nap. I now happily sit with my favorite novels to do the 2014 reading challenge.

Like I mentioned before, I have taken down half a dozen cardboard boxes full of book that I have collected over the years.Some of these book have not even been touched!

In one of the boxes, I saw this book and picked it up for this week's review. Though I remember reading it as soon as I bought it in the year 2000, many parts seem new to me now!I just did not have the mind to put in down and finished this book in 3 days !!!

This is a thriller involving bio-terrorism. A Russian immigrant in the States takes out his grudge by manufacturing and testing a bio weapon after he gets involved with two Americans. For Yuri Davydov, States did not provide the life he dreamt of and for the two Americans, they felt cheated by the Governments policies.

The three get together to take down the city by producing and dispersing- Anthrax, a potent Bioweapon. Yuri,with his training in the bio weapon industry in Russia, produces Anthrax  and Botulism toxin in his basement and tests it on a Rug dealer and his wife!

But these two unrelated deaths trigger the suspicion of foul play and Dr. Jack Stapleton and his colleague Laurie  Montgomery solve the case.They find out the culprit .What happens to the three men who wanted to take this extreme step brings about the conclusion of the book.

In this book,Vector, Robin Cook paints the startling picture of what would happen if any nation is attacked with a Bio weapon and it is really sends down a chill!

As with the other Robin Cook books that I have read so it, this too was very engaging and in true 'Robin Cook' style.

At a Glance....

Book -Vector

Author -Robin Cook

Publisher -Rupa Publications India Ltd

Genre - Medical Thriller

No. of Pages -416


Year of Publication - 1999                                                                                

Get in touch with the author - Website 

Other books by this author that I have read - Fever, Sphinx, Coma

The next book that I am reading is also a fiction and a very interesting one too.Stay tuned for the next post...

Happy Browsing...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

One Night At The Call Center

A few weeks back, I saw this on a discount sale and thought it would be a nice read .Since I have heard quite a few reviews about the author and his books I bought this one without hesitation.



This book was born when the author met a young girl on an over night train journey.She tells him the story about the lives of 6 people working in a call center / BPO and the time when their world up side down! After a conversation with God, they make life changing decisions that make them feel better and happier.

My Thoughts....

Since this is a small book, I chose to read this one for week 1.I read this book within a couple of days. The book , as the name suggests, is based on what happened one night in the workplace.

The story is narrated by Shyam and work with Radhika,Esha,Priyanka, Vroom[a nickname given to Varun coz he loves to drive his bike very fast!] and Military Uncle. The story shows the various sides of the characters when they are at home and at work.Each one of them have something on their mind and their lives that makes them sad and frustrated. 

When I read the gist of the story, it said they got a phone call from God. I expected it to happen somewhere earlier on in the book, but God comes only on page 200 [of the 257 paged book!].
The story has flash backs almost after each chapter as Shyam recollects certain incidents and events as the friends chat in their work place.
All in all it is an 'OK' book for me. Nothing much to get excited over. But what I did like was the fact that each character / event is so real that you can almost relate their lives to you or some one close to you!
At a Glance....

Book -One Night At The Call Center

Author -Chetan Bhagat

Publisher -Rupa Publications India Ltd

Genre - Fiction

No. of Pages - 257

Price - INR 140


Year of Publication - 2005                                                                                                

Get in touch with the author @ his Website -www.chetanbhagat.com / e-mail him @ info@chetanbhagat.com

Other books by this author that I have read - None so far

The next book that I am reading is also a fiction and a very interesting one too.Stay tuned for the next post...

Happy Browsing...

Friday, January 3, 2014

Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks - 2014 Reading Challenge

Yeah, I know, I wrote this here too.But then I started this blog just for the reading Challenges :).So here we go again.....

In spite of signing up for the Foodies Read 2014, I have joined another reading challenge!!! Looking at the number of challenges and the categories[click the link to know more], I just could not help myself from stopping with just one reading challenge!

So here I am, joining the Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks - 2014 Reading Challenge. As the name suggests we have to read 52 books by the end of the year.The reading week starts on Sunday and  all genres are allowed except children's books. And there are some mini challenges too !!

2013 / 2014 Blog Button

Quite recently I started buying novels apart from my favorite - cookbooks!I have them all stacked up on the shelf. I am surely going to enjoy doing all the reading and reviewing. And the best part is re-reads are allowed too!!Yay! So I can get to read those books that I got long back!

For further details on participating, check out Robin's post - Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks .

Happy Reading!!!

Hello !!!

Hello World!!

I know this will sound crazy but sometimes its nice to get a little crazy,right!! Yes, I have started another blog just to share my experiences and reviews for the Reading Challenges that I am taking part in 2014!

I am an author of a food blog - Seduce your Tastebuds and a Travel blog - My Foot Prints on Earth .Check these out if you love to cook and travel!

So,this blog is basically about all the books I read, the ones that I would love to read and all other stuffs relating to reading and reading Challenges.

Come back soon to see my very first post on the subject!!

Happy Browsing,