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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vector by Robin Cook

I became a huge fan of Robin Cook after I read 'Sphinx'. I loved it to the core and re-read it so many times in the past. Then the time came when all my novels and other books had to be shelved.I would sneak through a few pages of my favorite novels and put them away quickly for I knew I had other duties to attend to-like running behind 2 lil kids!

Now that my daughter is in school, I have a few free hours when my lil one takes a nap. I now happily sit with my favorite novels to do the 2014 reading challenge.

Like I mentioned before, I have taken down half a dozen cardboard boxes full of book that I have collected over the years.Some of these book have not even been touched!

In one of the boxes, I saw this book and picked it up for this week's review. Though I remember reading it as soon as I bought it in the year 2000, many parts seem new to me now!I just did not have the mind to put in down and finished this book in 3 days !!!

This is a thriller involving bio-terrorism. A Russian immigrant in the States takes out his grudge by manufacturing and testing a bio weapon after he gets involved with two Americans. For Yuri Davydov, States did not provide the life he dreamt of and for the two Americans, they felt cheated by the Governments policies.

The three get together to take down the city by producing and dispersing- Anthrax, a potent Bioweapon. Yuri,with his training in the bio weapon industry in Russia, produces Anthrax  and Botulism toxin in his basement and tests it on a Rug dealer and his wife!

But these two unrelated deaths trigger the suspicion of foul play and Dr. Jack Stapleton and his colleague Laurie  Montgomery solve the case.They find out the culprit .What happens to the three men who wanted to take this extreme step brings about the conclusion of the book.

In this book,Vector, Robin Cook paints the startling picture of what would happen if any nation is attacked with a Bio weapon and it is really sends down a chill!

As with the other Robin Cook books that I have read so it, this too was very engaging and in true 'Robin Cook' style.

At a Glance....

Book -Vector

Author -Robin Cook

Publisher -Rupa Publications India Ltd

Genre - Medical Thriller

No. of Pages -416


Year of Publication - 1999                                                                                

Get in touch with the author - Website 

Other books by this author that I have read - Fever, Sphinx, Coma

The next book that I am reading is also a fiction and a very interesting one too.Stay tuned for the next post...

Happy Browsing...

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