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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Fault In Our Stars - Book Review

This book is for the 2016 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge  @ My Soul Called Life. There are 6 keywords to choose from each month which should be in the title of the book.

For February, the key words were - Veil, Kiss, Her, Break, Love, Stars. I chose stars and hence this book...

I got this book because I wanted to see what the hype was behind this book.When I posted the pic on Instagram yesterday, I got comments that this book would make me cry for sure!!

First of all let me tell you that this is just my view and it is not my intention to hurt anyone's feeling!

Why this disclaimer ,you ask? Well, by far, I have only seen rave reviews of this book and everyone was sort of went gaga over it.But did I feel that way??

The story is about two teenage kids who are affected by cancer. It is all about their lives, the support group they attend, life of friends from the support group,their romance and dreams and so on.

I knew this would be a quick read and yes, it was!

And yes, it is filled with tragedy and is a sad story. And this is to be expected when the book is about cancer especially when it involve kids.

Hazel, through whose voice the story is narrated, has cancer and is on an experimental drug that prolongs her days on earth.She meets Augustus,nicknamed Gus,at the Support group.It is love at first site for Gus.

Gus is in remission but Hazel knows her time might come anytime soon.She refuses to accept that she loves Gus as she does not want to push him into depression after she is gone.Yet Gus persistently follows her.

The two end up going to Amsterdam to meet an author who Hazel adores and is eager to find out the ending to her favorite book but is disappointed to find the author in an incoherent state but Gus,in hopes of cheering her up, promises to finish the book for her.While in Amsterdam,Hazel accepts his love.

After the trip, which was actually the fulfillment of Gus's make-a-wish,Gus confesses that his cancer has flared up and he has very less time to live.He also  tells her that this was known before they left for Amsterdam and that both their parents knew it.

Hazel is shocked and she realizes how much Gus loves her.He had hidden all the facts about his illness , its seriousness and even rebelling against his parents to go on the trip just to make her happy and to see that she gets her dream of meeting the author fulfilled.

Hazel spends the days with Gus.Gus asks Hazel and their friend Issac to write an Eulogy and wants to hear it before he dies.

Finally he dies and Hazel finds out that he has sent an eulogy to the author in Amsterdam. The story ends with her reading the eulogy.

Yes, this story is sad and tragic. We thought Hazel was going through a bad phase and going to die and Gus will live coz he is healthy.But finally the story turned out to be the other way round.

For me the book was ok. Surely I did not cry. It was sad but it didn't make me shed tears. Now, I am not cold-hearted and stuff.I have cried over characters in other books that have touched my heart.But I did not feel that way when I read this book. I liked the story and it was sad that Gus died and the young romance was broken by fate, cancer, death.Maybe if I was a teenager, I would have cried.I was slightly disappointed with this book..

Well,this is just my thought. I am sure to read John Green's other works and see how they go....

Until next post....

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  1. I was an emotional wreck for well over two weeks after reading The Fault in Our Stars to say the least and it's probably because I don't read contemporary novels to begin with. I'm sorry this book didn't quite live up to your expectations. I did enjoy it, but I don't think I will be reading any more John Green for a long time ;)